Hostess Bars Taipei, KTV Hostess Girls, Fast Cash paid US$5,000 monthly.

Being a hostess had nothing to do with sex but a lot to do with psychology. Most of the customers are businessmen or entertaining clients. The job is rather simple, to pour drinks, have a nice conversation with your clients and make sure they feel good, nothing more.

1. Why do girls want to work at night entertainment?

The most common reason is earning fast cash. Working as a hostess just one or two shifts a week, you can actually cover your weekly expenses. Also, you get to meet higher-level people to get many opportunities to help building a better life fast. If you work at a mid class hostess club 6 hours per shift, 4 shifts a week. You can make around US$3500 per month in cash.

2. What types of job do you offer?

Bar Hostess

This is the top choice of work from our applicants. Most of the hostess clubs are running short of girls, so the job is quite stable if you’re willing to work 6 days a week and earn fast cash. The content of the job is to serve drinks, chat and have fun with your clients, that’s all. Working hour is from 6 to 8 hours per day and earn from US$250 to US$700 depends on what types of service you provide.

Earn from US$250 to US$700 per day

Dinner Companion

The job is to accompany businessmen to the luxury guest house or five-star fine dining restaurant, serving plates and drinks for your clients. This job does require you tp have good pysical appearance, manners and interpersonal communication skills. 

Earn from US$200 to US$500 per service/4 hours

On-call Escort

It doesn’t require much for being an on-call escort, your job is to chat, drink and create an awsome atmosphere in a group of male clients. Be aware of your clients can be low-class workers to high-level businessmen, the upside is you get to choose to take the job or not when you meet your clients. Your earning is about US$35 per hour and your agent will take 20%.

Earn from US$35 per hour  (Agent commission 20%)

3. Is it safe to work at such environments?

The hostess clubs I partner with are registered and legit businesses. There is no contract to sign and all hostess are protected if service problems occurred.

4. Work time restrictions?

There is no working time limits. You can choose to work 6 days a week or 1 day a week, it is completely up to you. You’ll be paid in cash each time you work and there’s absolutely no salary delay under any circumstances.

5. Employee benefits?

FunBig8 provides a complete training program to ensure you know every details of how to earn money fast with this job. You are welcome to try for a day or two to see if the job is suitable for you. You will be paid in full each shift during the trial period. If you you have trouble with living expense or you need some makeover allowance, we can also pay you in advance with no interests.

If you are interested in the job, just send me a message, I would be happy to go through the details with you online and set up a simple interview at your convenience.

I have years of experience and a solid connections in entertainment business, I am here to deliver the best service for you. I am always happy to help and feel free to contact me via >> Naver Line Messenger

– Mr. Chow