Taipei Hostess bars, KTV Girls, Escorts Guide.

Have you ever been to an hostess bar before? Here's a simple step by step guideline provided by FunBig8, telling you exactly what to do to get the most out of your Taipei night experience.

1. How do I get started?

There are 100s of hostess clubs in Taipei, most of them are located in (Linsen Bei) area and they can be broken into three types including Casual, Dress and Uniform that offer different kinds of services and cost can be vary depends on the purpose and budget. Please do keep in mind that you should never go any hostess clubs without an agent to guide you or you could seriously get ripped off.

2. How do I pick a hostest club?


The most expensive hostess club that offers luxurious in-house and escort services, with top of the line celebrity looklikes English speaking Taiwanese hostesses exclusively for foreign nationals. If you enjoy spending quality time with those elegant girls or you simply want to impress your business partners. This is definitely a great place to go.

Cost per person start from US$600/8H


The hostesses are not as hot as Casual but provide a large range of services. The girls just sit next to you, chat and are basically like a glorified butler. They will probably be totally exposed after an hour and will be exceptionally fun and sociable. At times, you may even get a sensual caress depending on how nice you are to them.

Cost per person US$60/H


These clubs are essentially the strip clubs of Taiwan, only at a more personal level. The girls will sit, chat, and turn off the lights and strip for you. Some uniform hostess clubs are considered high end whorehouses. After you have sang and drank till your hearts content, the women take you to a private room to do some extra services for free, which it is entirely up to go or not.

Cost per person US$50/H

3. Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, however they do not take drop-ins. They usually open from 14:00~21:00 and 21:00~5:00, Mon-Sun. The earlier you go, the more variety of hostesses you get to choose. Just let me know what types of hostess club you want to go and budget per person. I can check the availability and make sure everything is ready before arrival.

4. What are the costs?

It usually cost around $50/Hour per hostess and there will be a $35 one time room service fee doesn’t matter how many people will be in the room. Fruits and water will be served continuously, no additional cost. You can also order foods, beer and wine. A detailed receipt will be provided when the happy hours end. I can also give you a better deal depends on the number of customers.

5. Can I use credit card?

Yes, however there will be additional 10%~15% fees, so I highly recommend you to pay in cash. I can also provide you different packages to ensure everything is under your budget.

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– Mr. Chow